alsa delay possible?

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alsa delay possible?

Post by m_kane » Tue Oct 30, 2012 6:45 pm

I bought new tv.

It has very long delay when it processes picture. I realised that sound
is over 100ms ahead picture.
I have A/V Amplifier connected to my pc with digital coaxial cable. TV
is connected with dvi-hdmi cable.

I can add up to 80ms delay from amplifier, but it is not enought. I can
also reduce picture processing time if I select "PC-mode" from tv, but
after that motion looks horrible. I have also tried to take off all
picture processing options from tv, but I need to keep "Film mode" on,
that picture looks good.

So, is it possible to add delay to sound from alsa configuration?

Myth seems to have sound syncronisation in osd, but it does not affect
at all. I assume it does not work with digital sound output?

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