LIRC issues with ram-minimyth-0.26.0-83b1

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LIRC issues with ram-minimyth-0.26.0-83b1

Post by ledhed » Sun Jan 06, 2013 10:05 pm

I upgraded my backend to 0.26 which necessitated the move to minimyth-0.26.

I should preface this by stating that LIRC works in 0.25 (minimyth 81) and that I haven't made any changes to the lircd.conf or lircrc files.

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MM_LIRC_KERNEL_MODULE_OPTIONS='type=0 irq=4 io=0x03f8 sense=1'
On both 82 and 83b1 I have issues with LIRC where the frontends don't respond to the remote controls.
I use the LIRC homebrew serial receivers.

I've done some basic toubleshooting but haven't been able to come up with a solution.
When I telnet into a frontend and run 'irw' I don't get any output.
I've verified that the lirc_serial and lirc_dev modules are loaded, and that /dev/lirc0 exist.
I've also verified that the lircd daemon is running.

If I kill the lircd daemon and run 'irrecord' then it receives input from the remote button clicks.

I checked the version of LIRC and it appears to be the same on 81, 82, and 83b1 (version 0.9.1).

Has there been any compile option changes since minimyth-0.25.0-81?


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