hdmi audio for zotec ion

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hdmi audio for zotec ion

Post by telsin » Wed Oct 21, 2009 4:39 am

Hey Pablo-

Mice got into my s8000 (don't ask, the backplate was off due to some testing and hardware swaps...) and it (well, they) took a crapper... Anyway, I replaced it with a zotec ION which is working great, and provides HD playback at 720P over HDMI for me just fine. I needed to use the following settings for audio over HDMI, figured I'd pass it along for integration into the audio select scripts. Not sure if it will need another setting to go with digital and analog or not, I'll find out eventually I suppose (I want analog audio as well for mp3's into my zone system).

Here's what I needed, sounds like at least one other person used something similar:

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Thanks for the continued awesomeness that is minimyth,


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Re: hdmi audio for zotec ion

Post by Pablo » Fri Oct 23, 2009 2:41 am

Thank you for the information.

At the moment, MIniMyth does not deal with HDMI audio "automatically". However, I have been contemplated adding it.

In order to use it automatically, MinIMyth would need to be able to identify the audio hardware. Therefore, could you post the output of

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lspci -mn
That way, if I add HDMI support, then I can add this hardware.
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Re: hdmi audio for zotec ion

Post by Rigor_M » Mon Nov 02, 2009 4:47 pm

I have a Zotac ION Atom board (IONITX-C-A)

here is the output for lspci -mn:

Code: Select all

00:00.0 "0600" "10de" "0a82" -rb1 "10de" "cb79"
00:00.1 "0500" "10de" "0a88" -rb1 "10de" "cb79"
00:03.0 "0601" "10de" "0aad" -rb2 "19da" "a108"
00:03.1 "0500" "10de" "0aa4" -rb1 "19da" "a108"
00:03.2 "0c05" "10de" "0aa2" -rb1 "19da" "a108"
00:03.3 "0500" "10de" "0a89" -rb1 "10de" "cb79"
00:03.5 "0b40" "10de" "0aa3" -rb1 "19da" "a108"
00:04.0 "0c03" "10de" "0aa5" -rb1 -p10 "19da" "a108"
00:04.1 "0c03" "10de" "0aa6" -rb1 -p20 "19da" "a108"
00:06.0 "0c03" "10de" "0aa7" -rb1 -p10 "19da" "a108"
00:06.1 "0c03" "10de" "0aa9" -rb1 -p20 "19da" "a108"
00:08.0 "0403" "10de" "0ac0" -rb1 "174b" "437b"
00:09.0 "0604" "10de" "0aab" -rb1 -p01 "" ""
00:0a.0 "0200" "10de" "0ab0" -rb1 "19da" "a108"
00:0b.0 "0101" "10de" "0ab4" -rb1 -p85 "19da" "a108"
00:0c.0 "0604" "10de" "0ac4" -rb1 "" ""
00:10.0 "0604" "10de" "0aa0" -rb1 "" ""
00:15.0 "0604" "10de" "0ac6" -rb1 "" ""
00:16.0 "0604" "10de" "0ac7" -rb1 "" ""
00:17.0 "0604" "10de" "0ac7" -rb1 "" ""
00:18.0 "0604" "10de" "0ac7" -rb1 "" ""
03:00.0 "0300" "10de" "087d" -rb1 "19da" "a108"
hope it helps


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