how to save hulu cookies?

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how to save hulu cookies?

Post by telsin » Sun Feb 14, 2010 4:06 am

Any good way to save hulu's cookies back to the minimyth read-write conf directory so that hulu remembers your login and stays connected between reboot?

I'm not sure which of the 12 or so flash cookies under /home/minimyth/.macromedia is the important one, but it there isn't much in that structure, so it should be ok to save and restore the entire structure.

I could copy it by hand and have the mm-script copy it over, but I'd love to see it automated like the game saves or something.


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Re: how to save hulu cookies?

Post by Pablo » Mon Feb 15, 2010 1:30 am

Oops. That is a bug. It should just work, yet I keep messing it up.

I do not believe there are any files in /home/minimyth/.adobe or /home/minimyth/.macromedia. However, Hulu Desktop does normally create the file /home/minimyth/.local/share/

If you delete the directory /home/minimyth/.local (you will need to delete it as user root), launch Hulu Desktop using the frontend menu item, configure Hulu Desktop profile preferences and exit Hulu Desktop, then MiniMyth should save a your Hulu Desktop setting in the file

The problem is that /home/minimyth/.local is being created by init with the wrong permissions. If MiniMyth retrieves, then it creates /home/minimyth/local/share/ with the correct permissions. However, MiniMyth does not retrieve, then Hulu Desktop cannot create the file because it cannot write the directory.
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