AirPlay Video support

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AirPlay Video support

Post by brown_m_k » Thu Aug 04, 2011 3:16 am

Good Day Paul and company!

I think it would cool if MiniMyth had AirPlay Video support, making it similar to an AppleTV in terms of it's ability to accept videostreams from an iPhone or iPad. Possible use cases include playing home videos off an iPhone to a large screen for family and guests, screen sharing of an app, or playing Netflix streams.

There's an open source implementation using Python located here:

There's a VLC backend for it here: ...

Or you could write your own Myth backend for it using the Telnet control port. It depends on mDNS like avahi or Apple's mDNS implementation, plus some Python dependencies. I tried to get it working using binaries from my Debian system, but was having trouble with Python Ctypes not being present. Haven't had time to take another crack at it...



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