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Stuck at "using VT number 2"

Posted: Fri Oct 17, 2008 7:06 pm
by rogerjames99
I have a strange problem with my6 VIA SP8000E minimyth frontend. It has been working perfectly for some time driving a Sony TV via HDMI. However I decided to revert to using the analog VGA connector because I could only get 780p via HDMI and not the higher native resolution. The VGA connection has been working in the past. I switched back to a native resolution modeline in minimyth.conf, and swapped the cables. All worked well until X started. Minimyth contined running but I got a console login on the screen and no X display. I had a keyboard attached so I logged in and looked at the Xorg log. The last line in it was "(++) using VT number 2". So I pressed ALT+F2 on the keyboard and the X display started and everything was fine. I don't want to have to keep a keyboard connected to boot up the system. How do I get past this? I did not have to do this in the past with a VGA display. Although I have updated minimyth in the interim. Have I left some debug conf in there that I have forgotten about. I cannot see anything in the minimyth.conf. The only thing I remember is doing something weird at one point to get at a mythfrontend log.