NFS hangs boot

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NFS hangs boot

Post by paulin » Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:20 pm

I currently have a NAS(213), Myth Backend(175) setup. Both have NFS setup.

When I set the following:

This works fine and mounts the directories. These three work fine. However as soon as I add the following


The boot process appears to stop (splash screen stops on the mount phase of the boot process). However if I telnet into the node, it has successfully mounted the /mnt/tv directory (I can 'ls' into it and see the files) but the other 3 didn't mount.

It appears as if the mount of the TV works but its waiting for something before continuing. This problem happens whether I have the TV first or last in the list.

Also if I use the configuration without the TV mount, then I telnet in I am able to successfully successfully do a mount to this direocty so long as I use the -o nolock option. This is the same if I manually mount the NAS (175) items.

I'm using MiniMyth 0.21 ram boot on a VIA EPIA M10000. The backend (175) is also the DHCP and TFTP server

Any thoughts.


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Post by Pablo » Thu Nov 06, 2008 5:07 am

Odd. It appears that the use of the $_ variable in the perl based media init script is causing problems. When I change the foreach loop to explicitly define a loop variable, the problem goes away.

Also, init requires that the directory be writable by user 'minimyth'. This is needed when running a mythbackend. However, it may not be needed when just using it to bypass streaming. Therefore, I will change it so that MM_MEDIA_TV_URL does not need to be writable by user 'minimyth' unless mythbackend is enabled (MM_BACKEND_ENABLED='yes').

This change will be in the next test release (60b3).
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