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How to start interactive console or Telnet

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:14 pm
by Guierrmo
I just got the GA-M78SM-S2H and I can't get it to boot. I'm using ram-minimyth-0.21.0-62-nvidia.180.18, everything seems fine, but it doesn't seem to start X and it just stops with "no more process to run"

I have debug and MM_DEBUG="yes" in my PXELinux boot file, but I can't telnet in and I can't interact with the console when I plug in a keyboard. Without looking at the minimyth.err.log file I have no idea where to start.

I can see in the TFTP logs that the kernel, rootfs, minimyth.conf and are getting picked up.

The last lines are:

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NVRM: loading NVIDIA UNIX X86 Kernel Module  180.18  Thu Dec 18 14:29.33 PST 2008
INIT: no more processes left in this run level
I also notice that there is only one request for an IP address in the DHCP logs, as opposed to 3 requests on my other minimyth system. Am I getting hit with the DHCP problem described at

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 10:52 pm
by devan00
You'll have to wait until Pablo does another test or stable build to get the dhcp fix.

Check for errors in your file, or maybe temporarily comment its contents? A missing semicolon in mine got me to a point where booting stopped but I had no telnetd running.

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2009 11:30 pm
by Guierrmo
Well, disabling downloading allows it to continue booting but I think I am exerienceing the DHCP issue since the works fine for my other frontend. And minimyth came up the first boot after disabling the, but not the second and the udhcpc log loos very similar to thekorn's.

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root@myth3:~ # cat /var/log/udhcpc 
udhcpc (v1.11.3) started
ifconfig: SIOCSIFBRDADDR: Cannot assign requested address
Sending discover...
Sending select for
Lease of obtained, lease time 432000

here is my, maybe I am missing an error somewhere.

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package init::minimyth; 

use strict;
use warnings;

require MiniMyth;

sub start
    my $self     = shift;
    my $minimyth = shift;

        $minimyth->url_mount('cifs://mythtv:mythtv@mythtv/myth', '/myth') || die;
        $minimyth->url_mount('cifs://mythtv:mythtv@mythtv/media', '/media') || die;
        system(qq(/bin/echo 1 \> /sys/module/lirc_imon/parameters/is_lcd)) && die;

        $minimyth->url_get('tftp://mythtv/', '/lib/') || die;

        system(qq(/bin/chmod a+r /lib/ && die;
        system(qq(/sbin/ldconfig)) && die;

    return 1;

sub stop
    my $self     = shift;
    my $minimyth = shift;

    return 1;


Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 12:21 am
by Pablo
I do not see anything wrong with the file. In addition, it compiles on my frontend running 'perl -c' after copying to my frontend.

Unless you have enabled security (MM_SECURITY_ENABLED='yes'), MiniMyth should start a console on tty1 as well as a telnet daemon. If you are running into the DHCP restart problem, then network access may be a problem. However, the console on tty1 should still work.

I have uploaded a new test build 0.21.0-nvidia.180.x.x. It has the fix for the DHCP restart and somewhat better init script error handling. Could you give it a try?

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 1:27 am
by Guierrmo
As soon as I add iin it stop in the same place.

When there is no downloaded 63b3 doesn't see to be working as designed, unless the design changed. It seems to be streaming the rootfs from the server. My tftp logs multiple reads for rootfs during boot. then hangs at a blinking cursor. Some thing seems very wrong.

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Jan  6 18:58:39 mythtv in.tftpd[28324]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/pxelinux.0 
Jan  6 18:58:39 mythtv in.tftpd[28325]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/pxelinux.cfg/01-00-1f-d0-5b-98-e0 
Jan  6 18:58:40 mythtv in.tftpd[28326]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/ram-minimyth-0.21.0-63b3-nvidia.180.18/kernel 
Jan  6 18:58:40 mythtv in.tftpd[28327]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/ram-minimyth-0.21.0-63b3-nvidia.180.18/rootfs 
Jan  6 18:59:03 mythtv in.tftpd[28347]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/conf/myth3/minimyth.conf 
Jan  6 18:59:04 mythtv in.tftpd[28348]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/conf/myth3/lircd.conf 
Jan  6 18:59:05 mythtv in.tftpd[28349]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/conf-rw/myth3+codecs.32.sfs 
Jan  6 18:59:05 mythtv in.tftpd[28349]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to
Jan  6 18:59:05 mythtv in.tftpd[28350]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/ram-minimyth-0.21.0-63b3-nvidia.180.18/rootfs 
Jan  6 18:59:38 mythtv in.tftpd[28351]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/ram-minimyth-0.21.0-63b3-nvidia.180.18/rootfs 
Jan  6 19:00:14 mythtv in.tftpd[28406]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/ram-minimyth-0.21.0-63b3-nvidia.180.18/rootfs 
Jan  6 19:00:42 mythtv in.tftpd[28407]: RRQ from filename /PXEClient/conf-rw/myth3+themecache.sfs 
Jan  6 19:00:42 mythtv in.tftpd[28407]: sending NAK (1, File not found) to
my minimyth.conf

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MythCenter.sfs and Iulius-OSD.sfs are in the conf/host/ directory and according to the tftp log, minimyth doesn't even attempt to download them.

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 4:10 am
by Pablo
Are you able to telnet in to address as either user 'root' or 'minimyth'?

If you have a keyboard connected, then are you able to switch to tty1 (CTRL+ALT+F1) and log in as either user 'root' or 'minimyth'?

As for the latest problem you are seeing, I broke something during restructuring of code in or to improve log messages related to fetching files. I broke guessing the dist URL on a branch of code that my frontends do not encounter by default. Arg!!!! Once I fix the bug, I will upload a new test build.

The three requests are for the three times MiniMyth uses the dist url: MM_EXTRAS_URL, MM_THEME_URL and MM_THEMEOSD_URL.

You should be able to work around the problem as follows. Since you are do not appear to be using extras, add MM_EXTRAS_URL='none' to your minimyth.conf. Also, MM_THEME_URL and MM_THEMEOSD_URL so that they use a tftp URL that points to the exact file (including the path) on the TFTP server rather than relying on using hunt to guess the URL.

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:31 am
by Pablo
New version uploaded (0.21.0-63b4-nvidia.180.18).

Posted: Wed Jan 07, 2009 6:42 pm
by Guierrmo
Mystery solved. Yeah.

I decided to strip down my to bare bones, basically nothing and it booted fine. Then I added in my commands line by line, when I got to

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system(qq(/bin/echo 1 \> /sys/module/lirc_imon/parameters/is_lcd)) && die;
booting failed again. telneting in and running the command by hand resulted in

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-ash: cannot create /sys/module/lirc_imon/parameters/is_lcd: nonexistent directory
because I do not have the imon_lcd connected because it is connected to my production system, so of course the line failed, but I think it should fail gracefully. I changed the && to || and it booted fine.

Not being a perl programmer, what is more "correct" in this case, using OR or AND? I only mixed ANDs and ORs in different places because I copied and pasted from different posts.

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 2:16 am
by Pablo
Using 'die' may not be the best choice. However, MiniMyth's init scripts should handle it. I have changed the init scripts so that it handles 'die' better. The change is in the latest test build (0.21.0-63b5).

Posted: Thu Jan 08, 2009 8:48 pm
by Guierrmo
All is booting well now with ram-0.21.0-63b4-nvidia.180.18). I can't test 63b5, as I need the nvidia 180 drivers.

I just need to figure out why my imonlcd isn't working and VDPAU. I'll start a new topic in general help section.