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Freeze when loading DHCP-client

Posted: Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:47 pm
by fransgl

I have been using MythTV for several years in several incarnations. Recently, I planned to replace my current client, based on a VIA EPIA mini-itx mainboard, by a more powerful iBase MB899 (refer to with an Intel Core Duo. Problem is that when using more recent releases of Minimyth, the system freezes upon loading the DHCP-client. I have tried several releases, and the bottom line seems to be that it works fine using 0.21.0-58 or older, but starting with 0.21.0-59 it freezes. When this happens, I am not even able to ping the machine, so it is really stuck. The most recent release I tested with is 0.21.0-64. Does anyone know the cause and (even better) how to solve this problem?



Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 8:16 am
by Pablo
What is the output of

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lspci -mn

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 9:25 am
by fransgl
Ah, I obviously should have anticipated that question :oops:

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root@mythclient:~ # lspci -mn
00:00.0 "0600" "8086" "27a0" -r03 "8086" "27a0"
00:02.0 "0300" "8086" "27a2" -r03 "8086" "27a2"
00:02.1 "0380" "8086" "27a6" -r03 "8086" "27a2"
00:1c.0 "0604" "8086" "27d0" -r02 "" ""
00:1d.0 "0c03" "8086" "27c8" -r02 "8086" "27c8"
00:1d.1 "0c03" "8086" "27c9" -r02 "8086" "27c9"
00:1d.2 "0c03" "8086" "27ca" -r02 "8086" "27ca"
00:1d.3 "0c03" "8086" "27cb" -r02 "8086" "27ca"
00:1d.7 "0c03" "8086" "27cc" -r02 -p20 "8086" "27cc"
00:1e.0 "0604" "8086" "2448" -re2 -p01 "" ""
00:1e.2 "0401" "8086" "27de" -r02 "414c" "4760"
00:1f.0 "0601" "8086" "27b9" -r02 "8086" "27b9"
00:1f.1 "0101" "8086" "27df" -r02 -p8a "8086" "27df"
00:1f.3 "0c05" "8086" "27da" -r02 "8086" "27da"
01:00.0 "0200" "11ab" "4362" -r15 "1148" "4340"
02:07.0 "0c00" "104c" "8023" -p10 "" ""
02:08.0 "0200" "8086" "27dc" -r02 "8086" "0000"
This output is produced using Minimyth 0.21-54.

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 4:16 pm
by Pablo
Between version 54 and 64, the sky2 Ethernet driver was added. As your hardware has two Ethernet and one requires the sky2 Ethernet driver, I suspect the problem is that MiniMyth is getting confused about which interface to use. If this is the case, then you can work around the problem by adding the MM_NETWORK_INTERFACE parameter to your boot line. First, try it with MM_NETWORK_INTERFACE=eth1. If that does not work, then try it with MM_NETWORK_INTERFACE=eth0.

Unfortunately, the method that MiniMyth uses to determine the interface on which to run the DHCP client is somewhat unreliable. It uses ifplugstatus to find out whether or not there is a link beat. If no link beat is detected on any interface that it assumes eth0.

Posted: Sat Feb 28, 2009 10:39 pm
by fransgl
Spot on, Pablo! I added the parameter to the bootline and found that the value of eth0 was the right one! Now, I am happily running 0.21.0-64 on my new motherboard.

Thanks a lot!