Slow NFS boot with nvidia

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Slow NFS boot with nvidia

Post by mcarland » Sun May 01, 2011 5:42 pm


I've recently jumped feet first into the modern age and am upgrading to HD. I have replaced my epia FE with a ZOTAC IONITX-A-U.

Once running, everything is great. However I am looking into why it takes so much longer to boot than the old system, especially since I am using the same server and network. Much of the boot is much faster, but I found two places where there was a 40 to 50 second delay. The first was loading the themecache, and moving it from confrw: to http: reduced this from 45 to 2 seconds. The second spot is in /etc/rc.d/init/, in the section:
# Remove Open Source libraries that conflict with proprietary libraries.

The second 'find' that searches for conflicting opensource drivers is taking 50 seconds. Just doing a plain find from the shell takes 25 seconds without any pattern matching:
root@myth-hd:/usr/lib # date; find . > /dev/null ;date
Sun May 1 11:29:57 CDT 2011
Sun May 1 11:30:22 CDT 2011

I am running minimyth-0.24.0-75, but the latest appears to have the same logic.

Anyone have suggestions on speeding this up? I have been running the same config for a long time, would it be worth my time to look into ram fs instead of nfs?



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