ATI RADEON X300 nosplash or die

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ATI RADEON X300 nosplash or die

Post by Verzweifler » Fri May 13, 2011 8:43 am

Hi there,

I am currently facing a weird behaviour of my HP dx5150 diskless frontend with an onboard ATI RADEON X300 and the latest stable minimyth, i.e. 0.24.0-76.
After extremely good experiences with another frontend (nVidia Graphics), I decided to ressurect an old HP dx5150 in order to use it as a frontend in the bedroom. I just made a copy of the CF I used already, adapted the minimyth.conf and thought I was all set. (I decided to run this machine in 32-bit mode although the AMD processor is 64-bit, but I do not consider this an issue)

The machine boots up to the frontend mainmenu with already "strange" behaviour (compared to the other machine) of the minimyth splash : It all starts up fine, but immediately after "fetching firmware", the screen get blanks for a fraction of second (mode switch?) and returns a bit garbled. Basically, it shows five or six "ghost" miniatures of the actual boot splash in the upper 20% of the screen in a non-readable but identifiable way (you can actually see something like a progress bar moving and text flickering... if you know what to expect.)
Then, finally, the mainmenu sits there waiting for input and all seems to be fine... I can watch TV, recodirngs, videos, listen to music, blahblah
BUT: when I try to ssh into the machine, it crashes with a kernel panic indicating that something with the TCP/IP-stack is badly wrong.

I searched around quite some time (Google is your friend, sometimes) and identified a possible solution, which works *almost* perfectly: when I add

Code: Select all

to the APPEND in syslinux.cfg, I end up at the frontend mainmenu AND are able to ssh into the machine without any crashes. However, whatever vga-mode number I used so far (785, 775, 791,...) , there is no bootsplash at all. This is a bit annoying in case the frontend needs to wake the backend, as this takes quite some time with no visual feedback (n of 10 attempts) and my wife might get nervous with just a blank screen...

I also found a hint APPENDing

Code: Select all

This brings back the bootsplash but also the issue with ssh... However, I noticed a difference in behavior: depending on the resolution given in the statement (I tried 800x600 and 1024x768), the number of "ghost splashes" after switching the video mode varies. Unfortunately, the crash behavior does not.

So the bottom line right now is: I could either go on with no bootsplash but working ssh-access (which I prefer) or a "buggy" bootsplash with an instantly dying machine once I use ssh. Is there possibly a third mode availabe, i.e. a nice and clean bootsplash (as I see every day on the nVidia-equipped machine) with functional connectivity???

Thanks for your thoughts on this


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