booting from local harddisk

Help with booting MiniMyth

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booting from local harddisk

Post by brjhaverkamp » Fri Oct 10, 2003 9:40 pm

Hello all,

I need a bit of help with this:
Instead of a network bootable device, I am building a stand alone device.
However still minimyth is apealing, since I like the idea of working with a ramdisk and this distribution is targeted to the EPIA M boards (I'm using a M6000). Using ramdisk is good from a noise point of view. I am running linux from HD now (knoppix) and it frequently accesses the disk. So it keeps spinning and making noise. I hope to prevent this with a ramdisk distribution like minimyth.

So my question is: can I use the same rootfs file as ramdisk with lilo? As long as it boots, it is OK. I can try and add xmltv and myth-backend later. Can Lilo do this? I looked at syslinux, but the documentation says that it only boots from FAT. Has anyone tried this setup? What do I need for it? Any information is welcome.


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Post by lmatter » Tue Oct 21, 2003 6:16 pm

Well, anything is possible; simply a matter of programming, as I like to tell my boss.

Before using lilo, which I will talk about in a second, I would explore using isolinux and booting off of a cdrom, if your box has a cd/dvd.

If you want to use lilo, you need your own initial ramdisk that creates the main ramdisk and loads minimyth into it, then chroots over to it (mabe there is a simpler way, not sure). This is essentially what pxelinux/syslinux/isolinux do already.

You might also explore grub, but I have never really looked at it.

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Booting from hard drive fun......

Post by Zagaroth » Tue Nov 04, 2003 1:58 pm

Well i have almost fixed your problum for you. I was able to get the image booting from the hard drive by installing grub and then making a boot partition with the bzImage kernel (reconpiled with the only change being that I had to recomplie it with EXT3 support enabled) and the cramfs file system compressed file on it as well and enable it from there.

At the moment i have the image just uncompressed and sitting on a EXT3 partition on the hd but it should be trivial to write a script to uncompress the image and mount it onto a ramdisk. That is assuming you can run that script b4 anything else.

Actualy now that i think about it i don't see why you couldn't just make it the first thing run after the kernel loads. As everything that loads off that image happins later. And i don't think there would be any reason why the /boot image would be accessed after loading. So i don't see why it would need the hd running after that.

Now in your case as the only thing u need on the hd is the image have you considered using a USB drive? u could probly get away with a 64mb one easy... and maby even a 32mb if its a nice small grub install.

Anyway i'm about to see if i can butcher the image and add the other modules and mysql support :P this should be..... insteresting :?

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Minimyth and booting from the hard-drive

Post by Yarps » Wed Nov 05, 2003 12:28 am

I am using a 256m compact flash as an IDE hard drive and booting Minimyth.

I created two standard ext2 partitions on it. Then installed Debian Potato v2.2 on the first partition. Copied over Minimyth's kernel image to /boot on this partition. Mounted and untar'd Minimyth's filesystem to the second partition. Then I added an entry to the boot-loader to boot with Minimyth's kernel and mount the second partition.

It has worked well for me. One of the things I like is that I can boot into a standard linux environment tweak settings to Minimyth and then boot back into Minimyth.

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Minimyth and booting from the hard-drive

Post by brjhaverkamp » Tue Nov 18, 2003 12:24 pm

Hi Zagaroth,

Thanks for the reply, sounds good. I am pursuing lilo for the moment. But I think I can get it to work like you did. However I was site-tracked for a while by some X-windows problems. Could you post your grub config for reference?

At the momemt I have the minimyth image put on a harddisk partition so that I can easily copy files to and from. Plan is to add more modules and slowly build a complete system with DVD and mythbackend included.
On my main partition (debian unstalbe) I am trying to get PVR 350 support going.



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