Success with old Athlon MB

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Success with old Athlon MB

Post by mipster » Thu Feb 08, 2007 4:34 pm

#dmidecode -t baseboard
# dmidecode 2.8
SMBIOS 2.2 present.

Handle 0x0002, DMI type 2, 8 bytes
Base Board Information
Manufacturer: ASUSTeK Computer INC.
Product Name: A7N8X2.0
Version: REV 1.xx
Serial Number: xxxxxxxxxxx

The MB has an nforce2 chipset and an Athlon 2600+

from dmesg:
eth0: forcedeth.c: subsystem: 01043:80a7 bound to 0000:00:04.0

I got it to netboot using the built-in PXE bootloader with ram-minimyth-svn12545-22b8

The graphics card was an old AGP-based Nvidia 6600GT

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