Via EX10000EG fanless looks interesting for a frontend

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Via EX10000EG fanless looks interesting for a frontend

Post by malk » Tue Sep 18, 2007 12:19 am

I'm pretty sure this is a new board over on ... roduct=405

It has VT1625M tv chip (which isn't supported all that great), but what caught my eye was all of the outputs it has -- use DVI to your HDTV and S/PDIF optical or coax for sound. I would think it would be a big improvement over S-video to an SDTV w/ analog output or VGA 15pin to an HDTV w/ analog output. Fanless to boot. The C7 processor is quicker than the C3 (my CN10000 is quickest mini-itx of 3 I've owned -- the older 2 are pre-C3 processors). Too bad my HDTV has only optical out as it expects sound and video over a standard HDMI cable. would nice to somehow take DVI video and digital sound and combine into an HDMI stream... maybe there's a way but a lot of this is new to me.

Back panel I/O:

[1] DVI connector
[1] RJ45 with USB stack 2.0 connector
[1] miniDIN for S-Video output
[1] Triple RCA jack for composite video and stereo audio outputs
[1] Triple RCA jack for component video output
[1] S/PDIF coaxial connector
[1] S/PDIF optical connector

Onboard I/O:

[2] USB pin connector for 4 additional USB 2.0 ports
[1] 1394 pin header for 1 1394 Port
[1] Front-pnael audio header for HP-out and MIC-in
[1] Audio Line-i headerJacks: Line-in/out, Mic-in
[1] LPC header
[1] LVDS connector to support 1-CH LVDS Panel
[1] TV out header for SCART and D-terminal (Optional)
[1] Video pin connector for VGA output, CCIR656/601 video input and SMBUS
[1] PS2 mouse/keyboard header
[2] SATA connectors
[2] Fan pin connectors for CPU and System fans
[1] ATX power connector

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Re: Via EX10000EG fanless looks interesting for a frontend

Post by malk » Mon Jan 25, 2010 4:43 pm

After 2 years of this thing sitting because I've been busy on other projects, I tried this w/ the November, 2009 minimyth and it looks like it will work.
With all automatic X windows settings (simplest minimyth.conf), I'm able to see a good picture out of the DVI connector on the back (w/ a DVI to 15 pin VGA adapter) on my LCD monitor on the bench. It's doing 800x600 but haven't even started trying to force other resolutions.

About a year ago I tried this w/ latest minimyth and had a freezeup and junk on the screen etc. So it appears openchrome is supporting the CX700M2 to some extent.

I've got an iguanworks USB I/R receiver that looks like it will work w/ the latest test version.

Haven't tried to see if the sound is working yet.

On HDTV upstairs I've got the DVI->HDMI cable I can use for video and RCA audio out (I don't think my TV has SP/DIF coax or optial audio in, just out).
I can also try the 15 pin VGA connector on my TV and also use RCA audio.
Another option would be the component in on my TV for video and use that channel's RCA audio.

I hopefully be trying all of this out and can report later the best resolution I can get etc.

I'm excited as my old frontend is a CN10000 that only does standard def with S-video as it's best output (or VGA perhaps)
I'm hoping to use the HDMI and enjoy much higher res myth menus and photo viewing etc. on the HD TV.
My backend is still standard def, but I plan to add an HD capable tuner to that at some point too.

I'm just happy this somewhat expensive frontend looks like it will be usable. I was getting ready to use the motherboard and enclosure for mini server or something else!

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