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Post by ca_mousse »


I now use Minimyth with my media center (in replacement of mythbuntu with nfs boot) and it works well!!

Config :
Athlon X2
2x512 Ram
Soundcard : TerraTec SoundSystem Aureon 5.1 PCI

I have no disk, i use pxeboot (with Minimyth ram)
I use the soundcard terratec because i need the optical out (with the motherboard lack) but i don't try to get it works...

As monitor, i use a 50" plasma monitor, with a DVI-to-HDMI cable, i only need to specify modeline in minimyth.conf and monitoraspect=16:9 in mplayer configuration (in mythtv configuration).

I use minimyth script to mount nfs share

I love minimyth because :
- boot faster than my old solution Mythbuntu
- the boot is nice

For the remote, i have a tuner card on a server (where the mythbackend runs) and i use lircd in minimyth script to connect to the lircd which runs on server
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Post by Pablo »

I am glad that MiniMyth working for you and that you like it.

It is annoying that ASUS does not include S/PDIF connectors on the back of many motherboards. However, most of these motherboards (including the Asus M2NPV-VM) have a S/PDIF header that can use the ASUS S/PDIF module. Of course, it is annoying to pay an extra $15 to get S/PDIF output.

Is the NFS mount performed by minimyth.script the mounting of /usr/lib/codecs directory? If not, let me know so that I can see whether or not there is a way to integrate it into minimyth.conf.

It did not occur to me that people might use a remote remote. I will add support for this to minimyth.conf. Am I correct in assuming that the only parameters needed are the IP address (or DNS name) and IP port? Actually, if you provide your lircd line from your minimyth.script, I can be sure to get correct.

Ideally, people should not need to use minimyth.script. Therefore, whenever someone needs to you minimyth.script, I like to know how they are using it. That way, I can integrate the functionality into minimyth.conf when appropriate.
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Post by ca_mousse »

Sorry for my bad english...

This is my minimyth script. For the codecs, i see that there is an option, but don't try it

lircd --driver=null --connect malcolm
mkdir /mnt/stock
mkdir /mnt/stock/video
mkdir /mnt/stock/affiche
mkdir -p /usr/lib/codecs
mount malcolm:/mnt/stock/video /mnt/stock/video -o nolock
mount malcolm:/mnt/stock/affiche /mnt/stock/affiche -o nolock
mount malcolm:/mnt/stock/win32codecs /usr/lib/codecs -o nolock

affiche means poster of mythvideo (need to be read/write).
/mnt/stock is for DIVX
malcolm is the server (backend)

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Post by Glidos »

Which version of this motherboard is this? Does it have the 7050PV? If so, do you know it it supports low dot clocks and interlaced modes that allow the VGA to Scart trick?
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Post by ca_mousse »

Manual indicate it is a 6150GPU. Where should i look to know that ?

I don't know about the dot clock. I don't use SCART anymore, but a DVI to HDMI cable ;-)

I will sell this motherboard the next week, and replace it with a Geforce 8300 GPU based motherboard.
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