Nearly Complete Success - Dell SX270 Mini PC

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Nearly Complete Success - Dell SX270 Mini PC

Post by phat_b » Wed Feb 03, 2010 9:58 pm

I managed to rescue four of these D865G based machines from an e-waste recycler in exchange for bribes of food and drink. Being the incessant cheapskate that I am, I was astounded to find perfectly functional hardware of this caliber in a dumpster. They're P4 2.8 ghz systems with 512mb 400mhz ddr in a case roughly the size of a lunch box. Though not completely silent, the fans are speed controlled and hardly noticeable during normal use. My total investment for these came in at $35 each - $10 for a 2g thumb drive and a $25 for a serial irman clone receiver. I'm controlling them with my other DVR remote, a DirecTV RC64R whose AV1 function is set to control a second DVR. The 82865 graphics chip is limited for resolution due to the 8mb shared memory limit so they'll do 1360x768 @ 60hz, but no native 1080. Using xv-blit this rig will scale 1080p mpeg2 at an acceptable framerate, though at a considerable 65watts - making these ideal only for occasional use out in the garage, exercise room, etc.

Following the ramfs boot how-to with 0.22-72 was a snap. My custom remote setup required me to create my own lircd.conf and lircrc.mythtv files, but otherwise was painless. My thanks go out to everyone who's hard work has made minimyth possible! This experience with minimyth has completely changed my impression of MythTV and what I'd like to accomplish with it in the future. After I get my backend box built out and completely bulletproof my next point of business will be acquiring a Zotac board or two for my main viewing locations.

My only outstanding issue has been the blue line at the top of the video frame. Having experienced this before with an NVidia 5200 FE/BE, I was under the impression that the blue line issue was limited to XvMC implementations. Though I believe this GPU does not support XvMC, running:

Code: Select all

> xvattr -a XV_COLORKEY -v 66048
after having launched tv / video removes the blue background line. Unfortunately it reappears any time I restart the myth player by exiting live tv to play a movie or vice-versa. Unfortunately MM_X_HACK_HIDE_BLUE_LINE_ENABLED=yes seems to have no effect. I also attempted do run the xvattr utility from a custom crontab, with no luck. If anyone's experienced this, or has any ideas / suggestions I'd really appreciate hearing about it.

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