MiniMyth on Realtek RTD1073

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MiniMyth on Realtek RTD1073

Post by Andriesvn »

I am curently working on loading Minimyth on a Realtek RTD1073 Based media Player (Apacer AL460 / 670). Alot of Media Players are based on this chipset. Currently i am using a Apacer Al460 which has a Realtek RTD1073DA Chipset.

Apacer has been so kind as to release the Current Firmware source code which is a linux version that has been modified for the AL460. Because it is a linux based media player MiniMyht should work on it, if i am not mistaken.

Is there anybody out there that might be willing to help me. Im a noob and have no idea where to start. Any help will be appriciated.

I can logon using telnet and it appears as if the linux distro is 'Venus'.
Found out it uses the following hardware

Realtech Venus Mips 24K v7.8 Processor (I think its 400mhz)
1 gb samsung DDR2 Ram
not sure how to find the Output info ( it has RCA output as Well as HDMI no idea what hardware)

Has the folowing mounted filing systems:

Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/root 76.4M 75.3M 1.1M 99% /
/dev/mtdblock/2 60.0M 1.3M 58.7M 2% /usr/local/etc
/dev/rd/0 40.0k 40.0k 0 100% /mnt/rd

It Uses a Samsung K9F2G08U0B PCB0 Nand Flash Chip. i assume its about 128mb min Space.

There are alot of RTD1073 media Player Owners who would like to use MythTV on their systems and i would like to contribute to the cause.

Any help will be appriciated.
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Re: MiniMyth on Realtek RTD1073

Post by flames11 »

Some info on Reatek (RTD*) based players.

These players runs linux applications, but only if they are compiled for mips/mipsel arch, try google for more info.
I don't know much about MiniMyth, but i suppose it is a standard linux arch, such as x86 or x86_64, so this isn't compatible with RTD players.

The source code APACER released you're referring to, is only for the core apps within system, such as kernel, services and so on.
However most important application on these players is "DvdPlayer" app. which is developed by Realtek it is NOT opensource.
DvdPlayer application handles everything you see on the screen (menus, playback...). Further, it is using custom Realtek video/audio decoding chipset for media playback.
This Realtek decoder chipset is not as same as standard GPU cards, so again, this also isn't supported by MiniMyth.
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