setting up usb stick to boot minimyth

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setting up usb stick to boot minimyth

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I'm new to minimyth. Didn't want to mess with my home network so decided to go the usb stick way.

I struggled getting minimyth to boot properly from usb flash drive.

the installation script says it succeeded even when syslinux was not installed on the host, so right away it was booting the os on the sata drive instead of from the stick.

(didn't know I needed to install syslinux; didn't see anything about that in the instructions)

I took some notes below.


sudo apt-get install syslinux

cd /home/scottc
mkdir minimyth
cd minimyth

# the following is to avoid downloading these files each time the installer is executed

wget ... ar.bz2.md5
wget ... 75.tar.bz2

extract the minimyth.conf file from the .tar.bz2 file & edit for your config

create directory /home/scottc/minimyth/conf/default and place minimyth.conf (and others) in it

cd /home/scottc/minimyth

pull down 2 scripts from: ... 3/scripts/

make them +x

/dev/sdc is usb flash drive on my system.

fdisk /dev/sdc

delete all partions
make new partition
change partition to fat 32 lba
mark partition bootable
write and exit

cd /home/scottc/minimyth

sudo bash mm_local_install /home/scottc/minimyth sdc file:/home/scottc/minimyth/

mount /dev/sdc /media/KINGSTON

vi /media/KINGSTON/syslinux.cfg

change ramdisk_size=96000 to 128000
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