intel8x0 headphone jack no sound

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intel8x0 headphone jack no sound

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Problem Description: Dell Inspiron 5150 laptop with onboard intel8x0 sound card. MythTV boots and runs fine, however no sound plays through headphone jack. Unplug headphone wire, laptop speakers work.

Root Cause: After much searching and alsa troubleshooting, it turned out to be a very simple problem. By default MiniMyth had muted the headphone jack.

1.) From MiniMyth terminal (console, telnet, ssh) use the alsa mixer program to unmute the Headphone channel and set volume at 100%.
'amixer sset Headphone 100 unmute'
2.) Confirm that sound does now work.
3.) Save alsta state.
'alsactl store -f /path_to_save/asound.state'
4.) Move asound.state file into read-only conf directory
5.) Modify minimyth.conf file to read asound.state
6.) ???
7.) Profit

References (may be useful for other problems than this one) ... _Utilities

Hope that saves someone a few hours of writing asound.conf files.
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