Build system for other architectures

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Build system for other architectures

Post by iluminatus »

Hi there to all.

I'm searching for a solution to build minimyth for other architectures, mips, arm, and so on...

Is this kind of support trivial? Can someone give me any hints how can I achieve this?

Thanks for your time!
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Re: Build system for other architectures

Post by Pablo »

Sadly, it is not trivial.

There are two hurdles: (1) supporting the new CPU architecture, and (2) support the new GPU video decoding APIs. It is likely that there are some MiniMyth packages that do not compile for non-x86 CPU architectures. In addition, the GPU video decoding APIs used in MiniMyth (e.g. VDPAU) are not supported by GPU video decoding APIs on non-x86 CPU architectures.
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Re: Build system for other architectures

Post by inversus »

I'm also trying to build minimyth to an ARM. So far unsuccessfully.
I wonder if someone already did it.
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