[PATCH] Python build issue fix

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[PATCH] Python build issue fix

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The current Python build breaks the Myth metadata grabbers as the time module which is built does not contain the tzset attribute. This is being caused by the AC_RUN_TEST macro in the configure.in script for Python, which tries to test for the correct functioning of tzset. This macro takes as it's last argument a setting to use if cross-compiling, which is set to always fail, and then results in the tzset attribute not being built. The following patch forces that macro to pass if cross-compiling, which results in tzset being built and fixes the issue. The python test case for time also passes, so I think tzset is working correctly.

--- Python-2.6.5/configure.in 2013-02-19 08:46:07.818539842 +0000
+++ Python-2.6.5/configure.in.new 2013-02-19 08:55:53.735880488 +0000
@@ -3725,7 +3725,7 @@
if test "$ac_cv_working_tzset" = yes
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