Upcoming Release Plans


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Upcoming Release Plans

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I have been thinking about and working toward upcoming releases.

Support for new versions is needed. This includes MythTV 0.27 and trunk. I have MythTV 0.27 working already as I am using it. MythTV trunk is the first version of MythTV in a long time that requires a major qt revision change.

I would like to continue to support old versions of MythTV within reason. However, if nobody is continuing to use the old versions of MythTV then I would like to drop support. I tend to be slow to upgrade and even I do not have any systems older than MythTV 0.24. There is nothing wrong with having older systems but please let me know.

I plan to sync the kernel with a long term support kernel, ideally the latest long term support kernel. Currently this is the 3.18 kernel. Next his should be the 4.2 kernel.

I plan to use the in tree kernel drivers for sound and remote control.

As always, I will be pushing Open Source video drivers over proprietary video drivers by updating Xorg drivers, Mesa and LLVM backends. I prefer Open Source whenever possible for MiniMyth because there would be no reason for MiniMyth but for the Open Source MythTV.

I will be updating the underlying software that nobody cares about until it breaks something. For example, build system software such as the compiler. I do this because the build process is part of what interests me.

I plan to move from googlecode to somewhere else, likely github. googlecode will become readonly soon so I will not be able to make commits. I am hoping to make the release before that happens.

In time, I will investigate replacing the init system. Before I stopped supporting MiniMyth, people suggest making changes because the sequential order of sysvinit made it slow. Also, while the use of Perl made it easier for me to script than sh, it made it dependent on Perl. So, reconsidering the init and ui to display the progress is in order.

Finally, I just noticed that warpme picked up the ball that I dropped. That is awesome. I will contact him to see how we can avoid unnecessarily duplicating work.
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