minimyth.conf question

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minimyth.conf question

Post by rapple »

Apologies if this is a really dumb question but having searched the docs and the forum I can't find an answer to this one.

Having downloaded minimyth (ram-minimyth.0.22.0-72), with a view to making a bootable USB key, the docs all say make sure that minimyth.conf content is OK, then use helper and install scripts.

There is no such conf file in the expansion of this. Nor is there a directory or a default directory as some of the docs refer to. I assume that rootfs becomes a complete file system once minimyth is booted, is the file contained in that? If so, how do I (can I) mount the filesystem so that I can edit it before creating the USB key?

Linux as ever leaves me at the "it must be simple, I just don't know the command or the right question to ask" state.

Or is it more basic than that and I've downloaded the wrong image.

Haven't got to trying to create the USB image yet !!

The whole point of this is that I have an EPIA system (VIA EPIA-EX15000G based) and I couldn't get Mythbuntu to take on this. All advice is that if any distibution will work it's Minimyth. If anyone has already loaded it on this board be glad to know.
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Re: minimyth.conf question

Post by MythLegend »

I have not created a USB image to boot from, my experiences are based around having an EPIA SP8000 motherboard and PXE booting this off another machine which runs TFTP server to serve everything that is required to boot, if you wanted to try this way, the images for this are here :
So for version 0.21: ... 72.tar.bz2
or for version 0.22: ... 72.tar.bz2

I created my minimyth.conf from scratch, but there are example configuration files ( on this site, found on the documentation page

Hope that helps.
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