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libmythui image painter

Posted: Fri Aug 05, 2011 4:57 pm
by asr_nonius
Hello all.

I'm using mythtv-0.21 and I am trying to add a new image to the main menu. I am able to do that, but it is possible to change the image in real time?

I'm trying to do something like the image build by MythUIClock class. This class updates the clock time through the method MythUIClock::Pulse, but only updates the text area. What I am trying to do, is display some image (I already display succcessfully) and replace the image by another.

There is a way to do that? As MythUIClock library extends the class MythUIText, I think that my class needs to extend the class MythUIImage and also use the method Pulse to update the image, am I correct? If yes, what is missing is the way to erase the old image and paint the new one...

Any help is welcome :)

Thanks in advance.