Howto - Synchronise mythstream with streamtuned

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Howto - Synchronise mythstream with streamtuned

Post by delboy711 »

Here is a little tip to sync mythstream streams with streamtuned running on a desktop computer.

- Install streamtuned on your desktop computer.

- Locate the file streams.sql. In my distro it is at /usr/share/doc/streamtuned-0.16.2/misc/ and using phpMyAdmin use it add a table called 'streams' to the mythconverg mysql database.
(To do that click on the little SQL icon below the phpMyAdmin logo and select 'import files' in the pop up that appears.)

-In streamtuned>configuration>storage add a 'New Db' using the location of your mythconverg database and the streams table. The port number to use is 3306

- In the 'streams' Tab of the streamtuned configuration select the database you have just defined and load it.
You should now be able to add/delete streams to the database and play them in streamtuned.

- Create an executable file minimyth.script in the same directory where you have minimyth.conf. minimyth.script should contain

Code: Select all

#! /bin/bash
mkdir  /root/.mythtv/mythstream
touch /root/.mythtv/mythstream/storages.res

echo -e  '[item]\n*\ndatabase\nmyth\n192.168.1.47\n3306\nmythconverg\nstreams\nmythtv\nmythtv' > /root/.mythtv/mythstream/storages.res
where mythtv is the username and password of the mysql database.
Substitute the IP address of your mysql server.

Now boot minimyth. Mythstream should now show exactly the same streams as streamtuned on your desktop.
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Post by bigA »

Thanks, I will have to try this.

I have been playing with mythstream from the last release and I am enjoying in the living room.
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